How Actelo Increased Their Conversion by +26%

Problem: Actelo is a software designed for credit brokers and other finance professionals. Actelo offers a trial period of their product to interested brokers. Their catchphrase: “14 days without limitations to convince you that a better software can change your life.” Actelo needed a solution that would help all prospects on trial to understand how this product could meet their needs.

Solution: Incorporating Visence into their strategy has proven to be a game-changer for Actelo. By seizing the opportunity to engage with prospects immediately after account creation, Actelo was able to demonstrate the value of their solution in a timely manner.

The delicate art of conversion

Imagine this scenario: a multitude of visitors flock to your website, the account creation process goes smoothly, but the conversion numbers fail to reflect the initial enthusiasm. Sometimes, the complexity of products requires a demonstration. This is the story of Actelo.

Laurent explains: “Our product is powerful and rapidly evolving, making it challenging to establish a coherent onboarding process.

Actelo tried to opt for a personalized approach: reaching out to customers after they create an account and sending a series of emails. However, the traditional channels are saturated. Furthermore, this approach requires collecting customers’ contact information during account creation, which can sometimes feel intrusive depending on the industry. The result: responses are lukewarm, and some customers switch to competitors.

Often, when we called them, it was too late; the customers had already moved on to other options. They hadn’t had the chance to discover how our product could meet their needs…

Did you know that 67% of B2B SaaS users never log in again after their first use? A positive first impression is crucial! 😱

The power of Visence

Actelo was in search of a solution to present their product at the right moment. Their goal: to showcase the value of the solution to the customer right from their initial interaction with the product.

As soon as a new prospect creates an account, we’re notified. We finally have the opportunity to connect before they slip away from us forever.

In the startup world where every interaction matters, even a few minutes can make all the difference. Actelo confirmed their intuition about the importance of personalized engagement in the customer journey. With a strategic human touch, Actelo transformed a conversion challenge into an opportunity to establish authentic relationships with its users. A simple notification, a proactive response, a personal interaction – these are the key elements that led to a remarkable increase in conversions.

The results speak for themselves. The conversion rate soared by 26%. And this is just the beginning: proof that high-value exchanges can turn visitors into delighted customers.

How does it work?

Actelo’s operational approach with Visence is straightforward:

  • Strategic Segmentation: A “New Arrivals” list is created based on “Account Creation Date < 24h.” Each new user automatically joins this list.
  • Instant Alerts: Actelo is informed with every account creation. This is the signal to take action!
  • Proactive Contact: Live calling is integrated into the product. Users are pleasantly surprised to be offered a human interaction. “It strengthened our service image and set us apart from our competitors,” says Laurent.
  • Plan B: If a user is not immediately available, Actelo sends a Calendly link along with a link to their client portal. This enables quick scheduling of a meeting without compromising the initial engagement.

An important lesson: it’s not just about attracting users, but also about captivating them right from the start and guiding them towards success. Visence was the key for Actelo, and it could be the key for you too. 🚀


This personalized approach allowed Actelo to establish genuine connections and showcase how their product could cater to the unique needs of each user. The proactive contact strategy not only set Actelo apart but also strengthened their reputation for exceptional service. Providing users with a chance to interact with a real person early in their journey significantly enhanced their perception of the brand and its commitment to their success.

The results were truly remarkable—an impressive 26% increase in conversion rates. This achievement underscores the significance of meaningful interactions and tailored engagement in transforming mere visitors into loyal, enthusiastic customers.

So, the next time you’re grappling with conversion challenges, consider the power of a personalized touch at the right moment. Just as Actelo found success with Visence, you too could unlock the potential for authentic relationships and substantial growth.