How StatusGate Significantly Reduced Churn

Challenge: StatusGate is a cloud native mesh monitoring solution. It enables businesses to monitor their entire infrastructure in one place through a robust tracking and alert system. The product is used by highly technical enterprises for whom availability is a critical concern. Statusgate recognized the importance of 1:1 customer interactions. However, they encountered obstacles to offering them seamless exchanges.

Solution: The implementation of Visence ensured that clients’ needs were met promptly. The ability to visualize and guide users through their challenges saved time and enhanced the support experience.

Beyond Written Messages

Like many B2B SaaS companies, StatusGate faced a frustrating realization. Written messages alone weren’t sufficient to address complex issues faced by customers. StatusGate implemented a help center and a chatbot system for simple queries. Efforts were underway to encourage customers to use these solutions whenever possible. However, these solutions had limitations. Keeping these sources of information up to date was challenging for a rapidly evolving startup like StatusGate. Moreover, certain topics required human discussion.

We realized that issues requiring more than two exchanges should have been addressed verbally” shared Rémi.

Problems related to client-specific technical challenges or hard-to-reproduce bugs couldn’t be effectively resolved through written messages. However, there was a real hurdle: finding an efficient way to communicate with users. Scheduling a video call, connecting to it, asking clients to share their screens… The process was cumbersome and far from providing a seamless experience.

My goal is to empower my clients, but let’s be realistic: sometimes, the intervention of a team member is necessary!” Especially with a monthly subscription model, the idea of switching to a competitor can arise swiftly in clients’ minds…

Did you know that, on average, 32% of SaaS customers are willing to switch tools after a bad experience? 😳

The Power of Visence

StatusGate was in search of a solution to meet their customers’ needs. Their goal: to easily understand what issues were preventing customers from reaching their objectives and to help them resolve those issues quickly.

We discovered that meeting our users where they were present—directly within our product—was the key to reversing this trend.” StatusGate realized that offering high-value exchanges was crucial.

Even a few minutes could make all the difference. Their experience with Visence revealed that one-to-one contact with customers had a direct impact on their satisfaction and loyalty. The ability to provide personalized and engaging assistance not only prevented customer churn but also built stronger relationships with them.

Thanks to Visence, StatusGate’s churn rate dropped from 11% to 8%. This is just the beginning: proof that meaningful interactions can preserve and strengthen customer relationships.

How Does It Work?

StatusGate’s operational approach with Visence is straightforward:

  • Timing Intervention Right: Customers in need of help use the regular form. They are tagged in Visence based on their request. If team members are available, they immediately call the client in-app. Otherwise, they set up an alert to be notified as soon as the client reconnects.
  • Relevant Interaction: During calls, being able to view the client’s screen upon their acceptance enables seamless assistance. “It saved us valuable time.
  • Opportunity for Value Addition: These interaction moments weren’t solely about problem-solving. “We used them to better understand our clients’ challenges and introduce new features.” It’s a natural way to showcase the product’s added value.

It was a radical shift for us. Not only did we save a considerable amount of time, but our clients also appreciated our responsiveness and commitment to their success.

Proximity transforms retention! Sometimes, the quality of the product isn’t enough; it’s the overall experience and the commitment you offer that makes all the difference. 🔥


StatusGate’s journey with Visence has yielded remarkable results. By meeting users where they are and providing personalized assistance, StatusGate managed to address complex issues efficiently and maintain strong customer connections.

The opportunity to showcase the product’s value during interactions not only resolved issues but also strengthened customer loyalty. As a result, StatusGate witnessed a significant drop in churn, from 11% to 8%, proving that genuine and valuable interactions can be a pivotal force in customer retention.

Remember, it’s not just about the quality of the product; it’s the personalized experience and commitment to customer success that can truly set a company apart. Harnessing the power of strategic engagement can lead to thriving customer relationships and substantial business growth.