Discover how Visence can help you:

  • Simplify your customer interactions
  • Optimize your conversions
  • Stand out from the competition


✌️ What is Visence?

Visence is the solution to guide your users in achieving the best possible use of your SaaS.
Video call your users within their account on your product: they see your face and pointer, you see their screen!

👩‍💻 Is integrating Visence complicated?

Not at all! The involvement of a developer is required, but we’ve made the integration as simple as making a cup of coffee.
You can contact our technical team if needed.

📅 What if I prefer to schedule appointments with my clients?

Don’t like surprising your clients? No problem: replace the link to your Calendly meeting (Gmeet or Teams) with a link to your SaaS. At the specified time, your client can simply log into your product and wait for your call..

🧐 Why should I use Visence?

Integrating Visence adds a touch of magic to your product! With Visence, you stay in the right context, where your clients are truly engaged: your product. From setup to detecting new needs, all interactions with your users should take place directly within your SaaS.

😳 Do our clients need to install something?

No downloads, no tedious installations, no additional accounts for your users. They can continue to use your product as usual. We can help you communicate with them to let them know that video calls will take place directly in their regular account, within your SaaS.

👀 How does it work, actually?

It’s simple! Visence allows you to see when your users are active on your product. You can then immediately send them an invitation to have a video call within your SaaS. Feel free to consult our documentation to learn more.

Stand out from the competition by offering a smooth and seamless experience with Visence!

🔥 Wow, this is great! How do I get started?

Good news, Visence Beta is ready, and pre-registrations are open! We’ve already granted access to our initial users and will be expanding our community starting from November 1st. Sign up below if you want to be a part of it.