How can I try Visence?

If a developer can help you integrate Visence into your SaaS, create an account and let us guide you.
If not, a demo area will allow you to test Visence before integrating it into your SaaS!

Does my customer need anything installed?

No installation is required with Visence. You can offer your customers a seamless experience.

Can I add all my team members to Visence?

Yes, you can collaborate on Visence and share your customer portfolio. Our tool makes teamwork easy!

What data can I retrieve on my customers?

You can retrieve any data from your SaaS: plan, renewal date, cat name (why not)… Be creative!
You can also add personalized labels on your customers to organize your exchanges more easily. 

Can I connect Visence to my CRM?

We’re waiting to hear which CRM you use so we can add it to our integrations!